Maydew's House Clearances is a family-run professional and reliable business performing house clearnaces at fair prices covering the whole of Lincolnshire.

We offer a discreet service that gives you peace of mind. We are on hand to give  you the help and advice you need at a difficult time. We understand how much pressure you can be under and help you put your house back on the market place. This, combined with our flexible working hours, makes us the perfect choice.

We welcome executors and also have a strong working relationship with our customers including Local Authorities, Solicitors and Estate Agents. We are  trusted to do a reliable and effective job and have many years of experience. We pride ourselves on offering you a reliable and trustworthy house clearance service dealing with all matters in a confidential, sympathetic and respectful manner during what is usually an emotional and stressful time.

Why choose Maydew's House Clearances?

We find that some of your possessions are of value without you even realising it. We cannot emphasise enough that it is important to get a no-obligation quote before you start clearing. We have had customers who have started clearing and putting valuable items in a skip and then called us in to finish the job.They had no idea of the value of the items and this is why you should put your house clearance in the hands of the experts. We help you realise the potential value in the following ways

  • We will advise if there is the potential for items to be taken to auction and will help you with this process
  • We can provide full and part clearances
  • We always put our customer first and offer flexible working hours in consideration of the fact that you may have to travel from another part of the country
  • We pay cash for any saleable items that we purchase from you
  • We are not selective, when we clear we will clear and include garages, attics, sheds etc. if that is your requirement. No job too big or small.
  • On-site caravan dismantling
  • Scrap metal collection
  • Any rubbish is disposed of responsibly and recycled where appropriate. We have a Waste Carrier's License
  • Domestic and commercial waste removal
  • House clearance costs can often be cheaper than hiring skips and doing the work yourself
  • A confidential, respectful and sympathetic service guaranteed throughout the whole of Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. We have all lost loved ones and know that is matters how the clearance is carried out.
Never yet been beaten by a job undertaken.

For house clearance in Lincolnshire
call Maydew's House Clearances on

01507 568 529 (5pm-8pm)

07740 774 746 (8am - pm)

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